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Diril Cymbals have got many and different series. Browse the categories and learn more.


Versatility is the key word for the Traditional serie. Cymbals with dark tone, extraordinary stick definition and a beautiful warm sound at any dynamic. An outstanding serie at all levels. The original cymbal style of the ancient Turkish craftsmen. Warm and clear with excellent response.


The line consists of heavy, medium and thin. This variety makes the serie versatile, and offers all musical styles. The D serie was developed in the design of "old Turkish Cymbals." Refined, very volumed, soft and highly complex, ideal for a variety to play in studios or live performans. With a bright stick and medium sustain these cymbals are loud and cutting whilst being warm and musical too.


Raw Bell serie is one of the most recognizable line in Diril Cymbals. The unique appearance features a raw/dry hammered bell, designed for control and definition, and a high-gloss finish, for an explosive sound. A serie with a spectacular controlled sound, medium sustain and warm tone, perfect in every situation, from pop to rock, from blues to latin. With an un-lathed bell and shiny finish body these cymbals have clear stick and bright shimmering wash.


One of the most appreciated series, Shiny is well-known for the brilliant and powerful sound as well as the attractive design. The shiny finish, totally handmade, improve attack and power, making these cymbals perfect choice for rock, punk and metal. High full-bodied timbre and good decay are the characteristics of this exceptional series.


The Special line consists of the body Raw and the edge of the Traditional series. With this combination it presents a controlled sound high definition, sustain medium to dark shade. The Special Serie features diversity for musical styles composed of a heavier sound with little shine and a lot of joint. It is a dark, crispy but still bright sound.


The Raw serie was created with raw finish which demonstrates a dark sound and short sustain, but high definition, so it makes them extremely musical. It is a very deep and dry, crispy and very smoky sound.


Tradition blends with modernity in this line of cymbals with a unique design. The raw upper, with two different types of hammerings, give a dark and warm sound. Feeling is soft and groovy, with exceptional sticking presence and controlled attack and sustain. A series for musicians who love structured sounds, from modern jazz to alternative rock players.


Jazz Serie is a line that originates from the legendary Turkish cymbals from the last century, that enriched the sound of thousand of legendary recordings. Thin and light cymbals, extremely durable, with a precise response and complex, defined sound with beautiful nuances. Undoubtedly one of the highest points in Turkish cymbals production.


AD series is a unique alternative to traditional jazz/funk cymbals. Instruments with a strong character, with dark and mellow sticking, for vintage sound and modern taste, refined and mature. Spectacular tone, extraordinary sensitivity and definition, good volume and excellent presence, with a very unique design, achieved through a beautiful concentric lathing.

Hammer XL

One of the most particular series in Diril range, HammerXL consists of thin and light cymbals, with shiny finish and big size hammerings. These two features make sound more intense and trashy, while maintaining a very dark timbre which makes them surprisingly versatile, suitable to the more experimental jazz as to powerful rock.


The Aggressive serie is heavy, solid and has got a hybrid finish. It is how it called: Aggressive and powerful.


Natural, Raw finish with brilliant polish. These cymbals are dry, organic and complex, with a short sustain.


The Sweet series have a deep pounding on the body Traditional which favors the control dynamics and sustain. The line has an average thickness of excellent projection and volume. Dark cymbals with alot of complexity, tone, dirty wash and enough stick definition. Perfect for jazz, pop but also good allround in medium sizes, or whatever you prefer. The hammering makes it a tad dry but without killing it.


Last series added, Ice is a sort of natural evolution of the Primitive series. Cymbals full of dark and complex sound, with shiny edge and bell for more aggressive attack and presence. The lower raw side puts an extra-dry effect, making the sound darker and more controlled. Cymbals with a strong personality, designed for drummers looking for a high-impact but controlled and versatile sound.


Smooth like SILK. Sandblasted Top, brilliant Bottom. Our SILK series offers an unobtrusive Ping with a warm and balanced sound.


They are Copper Cymbals, but extra light, with small bell on it. Their sound is medium, dark, very very soft and gentle. Stripe one is around the bell and the second is almost in the middle of the cymbal.
Diril Cymbals
Diril Cymbals
Diril Cymbals
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