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Janara Ride
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They are Copper Cymbals, but extra light, with small bell on it. Their sound is medium, dark, very very soft and gentle. Stripe one is around the bell and the second is almost in the middle of the cymbal.

6 Splash Janara
96 grams 

7 Splash Janara
137 grams 

8 Splash Janara
170 grams 

10 Splash Janara
328 grams 

14 Hi Hat Janara
801 grams 

15 Hi Hat Janara
910 grams 

16 Hi Hat Janara
1035 grams 

18 Crash Janara
1285 grams 

19 Crash Janara
1391 grams 

20 Crash Janara
1665 grams 

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No products yet.
21 Ride Janara
2245 grams 

22 Ride Janara
2307 grams 

24 Ride Janara
2505 grams 

No products yet.