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Diril D
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The line consists of heavy, medium and thin. This variety makes the serie versatile, and offers all musical styles. The D serie was developed in the design of "old Turkish Cymbals." Refined, very volumed, soft and highly complex, ideal for a variety to play in studios or live performans. With a bright stick and medium sustain these cymbals are loud and cutting whilst being warm and musical too.

6 D Splash

7 D Splash

8 D Splash

10 D Splash

12 D Splash

10 Hi Hat D

10 Hi Hat D Flat Hole

12 D Hi Hat

13 D Hi Hat Flat Hole

13 D Hi Hat

14 D Hi Hat

14 Hi Hat D Flat Hole

15 D Crash

16 D Crash

17 D Crash

18 D Crash

19 D Crash

20 D Crash

21 D Crash

22 D Crash

16 D China

18 D China

16 D Ocean Crash

17 D Ocean Crash

18 D Ocean Crash

19 D Ocean Crash

20 D Ride

21 D Ride

22 D Ride

24 D Ride Light

24 D Ride

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