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About us
Diril Cymbals

My name is Ibrahim Diril and I was born in Samsun in 1976. Samsun is located in the Blacksea region with a population of six hundred thousand inhabitants. I became a part of the cymbal making industry at the age of 17 years and I was one of the good craftsmen in a a very short time in the company I was working for. Me and my four cousins move to Istanbul to develope our skills because reputable cymbal makers were all there and European cymbals buyers were their customers.I spend years for working well known Turkish cymbal makers until I deceded to go indepent and my dream became a reality in 2008. During my employment with different companies, the cymbals I made have decoreted the shelves of the company I worked for in various fares, like the "NAMM SHOW" and the "Musik Messe". I went back to Samsun and decided to have my own name and brand. The "Diril Cymbals" company was established in 2008 and started producing and exporting cymbals to quite a large numbers of foreign countries.

Our cymbal are all hand made and hand hammered nad we use B-20 metal. Ever since the company has been established, our unchanged principle is to maintain a high quality and let the drummers all over the world play our cymbals with great pleasure and joy. Thanks to all the users that it has been the case. In additon to high quality we also offer good prices so that people who doesn't have to pay a fortune for cymbal produced by the big names. Now they are happy and sale figures proves that our cymbals are being appreciated by a large number of drummers.

Making cymbal is a passion for us. It will remain being like that. We will continue making them by hand and we do not approve using machines for that. Cymbal making is an art and machines should not be used to destroy it.