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Francesco Borrelli

Francesco Borrelli

Francesco Borrelli is an Italian drummer, born in November 14th 1990. He is passionate about drums since he was a child, and ihnerited this passion from his father, who is a drummer too. Francesco studied as a self-taught from 12 to 16 years old. Next he studied with several teachers of his city, such as: Walter Giorno, Leonardo Conforti, Tarcisio Molinaro. In 2009, he begun a Pre-Academic course in Jazz Drum & Percussion at the Music Conservatory of Cosenza "Stanislao Giacomantonio". He completed it in 2014 with the highest marks. In the same year he enrolled in Academic course in Jazz Drum & Percussion at the Conservatory of Cosenza, while continuing his studies with teachers such as: Fabrizio Sferra and Giuseppe Berlen. Since 2013 he has started his career as a teacher at several private schools in the city, including iSound and Musikè and in 2017 he has became a tutor-teacher of pre-academic drum courses in Pop & Jazz drum. He has played and still plays various musical genres, ranging from Extreme Metal to Gospel music with bands such as: Secretpath, Strike Avenue, Game Over Press Start, Jambo, Soul Sigh Gospel Choir, Not Bad Jazz Quintet, Skeletorx. He has participated at various Drum Clinics and Drum Workshops played by drummers such as: Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer, Chris Coleman, Mark Guiliana Steve Smith, Aaron Sperars, Emmanuelle Caplette, Horazio ?El Negro? Hernandez, Alfredo Golino. Francesco collaborates with several brands, he is endorser of Diril Cymbals, Facus Drum Innovations, Cympad Greece, Flix Greece and Skygel Damper Pads.

Francesco Borrelli
Francesco Borrelli
Francesco Borrelli
Francesco Borrelli
Francesco Borrelli

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